Keith Penner

Keith works in many styles of artwork and though he is very comfortable working with colour, his preference leans towards black and grey pieces.  He is happy to do very minimalistic work right up to larger tattoos, like back pieces and sleeves.

He enjoys semi-realistic and stylized black and grey art and gravitates toward nature themes: animals, birds, insects and plants/flowers.  Nautical themed material is also something of interest. 

After spending some time doing animation he branched out to do more graphic, comic book style designs, being influenced by artists like: Mike Mignola (Hellboy), Simon Bisley (Judge Dredd) and Sam Kieth.

This peaked his interest in occult themes, including cheesy 80’s style horror designs.

His biggest goal is to make the artwork a collaborative effort, working closely with the client to ensure you get the best possible tattoo experience.